Corpore is one of the leading communication agencies in Estonia. We are a full-service agency with extensive competence covering all fields of PR and communication, including strategic and corporate consulting, public affairs, corporate publishing, marketing communication, event management and conference services. We also have experienced consultants in various specialized fields of communication, for example, technology communication, healthcare communication, sports PR and more. When providing its clients with advisory services, Corpore adheres to highest norms of ethics and professionalism, as well as complies strictly with the laws and regulations that affect our business. We represent clients’ interest according to highest standards in our sector.

A driving force on the market
Founded in 1995, at the birth of the Estonian PR market, the agency has consulted and executed hundreds of major communication projects over the years, including strategic consulting for privatization processes, initial public offerings (IPO-s), high profile crisis situations, public awareness campaigns, communication audits, and many more. We provide daily an array of services to dozens of international and local companies and institutions.

Largest firm in Estonia
Our consolidated revenue in the last five years reached 6.5 million euros, while earning a profit of 1.45 million euros. That places Corpore firmly in the leading position in Estonia.

Strong and versatile team
The professional competencies, extensive experiences and individual strength of our consultants make Corpore the leading communication team in Estonia. We also have specialists focused on content building, editing and design for corporate publications, and events managers with international reference-base in organizing professional conferences, galas, corporate and marketing events. Our full team provides an integrated service, which strives to meet the highest quality requirements in all aspects.

Internationally acclaimed projects
Estonian business daily “Äripäev” has repeatedly named Corpore the most successful communication agency in Estonia. Our projects have received awards at European Excellence Awards, Baltic PR Awards, Estonian PR Association Awards and Golden Egg competitions.