The unique public diplomacy mission “Everyone goes to Yerevan” took place simultaneously in Armenia and Estonia on June 11-17, 2013. The aim of the mission was to introduce the cultural heritage of Armenia to the guests of this ancient land and grow awareness of Estonia in the region.

“Everyone goes to Yerevan” was a direct and ambitious follow-up to previous public diplomacy missions between citizens of Tallinn and Odessa.

The majority of the guests in Yerevan were Estonian cultural personages, entrepreneurs, politicians and journalists – a total of 360 people who arrived on two charter flights. This marks the largest cultural exchange project by Estonians which was based on citizen initiative and private funding. In addition to Estonians, Armenia was visited by a large number a people from Odessa, Moscow, St. Petersbourg, New York, Minsk and elsewhere.

As organizers, we provided both returning charter flights to 250 Armenian cultural personages and students, who came to Estonia for the period. The project “See you in Tallinn” was organized in cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lithuanian Embassy in Armenia and several Yerevan universities.

The mission was covered in Ukranian writer Marianna Goncharova’s book “Moleskin Remarks” (published by Eksmo, circulation 5000), which includes a chapter dedicated to the mission: “Armenian planet”.

We thank the Office of Armenian President, Armenian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonian Culture Capital, World-Wide Club of Odessites and other institutions for the help in organizing the project.