Memorial relief of Yeltsin

On 1st February 2012, 39 entrepreneurs and active members of the society turned to the public with a proposal to acknowledge the role of Russia’s first president Boris Yeltsin in the peaceful restoration of Estonian independence with a memorial relief.

To carry out this citizens’ initiative, a non-profit organisation MTÜ Mälestuse Initsiatiiv that co-operated with Yeltsin Foundation, was created.

Memorial relief was decided to be the most suitable form of commemoration. The relief features an explanation in Estonian, English and Russian, stating the following: „In commemoration of Russia’s first president Boris Yeltsin for his contribution to the peaceful restoration of independence of Estonia in 1990-1991″.

Memorial relief was created in co-operation of Ernst Neizvestnõi (New York), Estonian sculptor Rene Reinumäe and architect Viljar Lohu. Yeltsin’s memorial relief was funded by public donations of Estonian people, mainly by the authors of the initiative. The memorial relief was unveiled in the presence of hundreds visitors 22 August 2013 by Ene Ergma, President of the Parliament of Estonia and Naina Yeltsina, widow of Boris Yeltsin.

The idea and unveiling of the memorial relief was widely broadcasted in countries all over the world.